Great Customer Service...

Lisa was very helpful and was always there for us. Great customer service with people.


Lisa's energy gets results! :)

We love Lisa!

We just love Lisa! She made buying a house fun!!! THANKS!!!


Lisa was a pleasure to work with! We didn't have much expectations of having a realtor but she was there for us & gave us awesome advise that increased our home value! Thank you!

Quick Sale & Easy Process

There are times when buying and selling a house is something that you look forward t and there are times when you're put in a position of having to sell a home because of the passing of a relative. I was one in the later situation this past year when my brother unexpectedly passed away. I lived out-of -state and needed to sell my brother's condominium in Salt Lake City. I didn't know anyone in Utah to contact, so I turned to a family friend who is a realtor in Denver. She talked to several other realtors and they all recommended Lisa Dimond.

When I contacted Lisa, she called back right away. The first thing she said to me was how sorry she was for my loss. Anyone who has lost a relative knows how much those kind words mean. She was so personal, yet professional, I knew she was the right person to sell my brother's home that meant so much to him. When I met with Lisa, she had reviewed the comps in the area and helped me to decide onan appropriate listing price. She walked me through the process and thoroughly answered all my questions. Her background as a teacher contributed to her kind, patient, and sweet demeanor.

When I went back home, Lisa kept me up to date with the progress of the sale. Her communication skills were outstanding! She was always available if I needed her and called me on a regular basis too. Because this was part of a trust sale, she also kept my attorney updated with pertinent information. Sometimes Lisa would call and I was overwhelmed with settling other parts of the estate/trust. Lisa was understanding and reassuring so I could concentrate on those other details and she handled the details of selling the condo. She was a comfort to me when I needed it most.

The condominium sold quickly and the process went smoothly. I attribute the quick sale and easy process all to Lisa. She's great!

In life, there are some people that you meet at just the right time that you feel fortunate to know. I feel that way about Lisa Dimond. She's an amazing realtor and a fantastic person! Mara-Kaye Knapp